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Following the closure of the Mobil Oil operations in Barbados in 1998, eight aspiring and determined men, former employees of the multinational company, made a decision to establish an enterprise to fill the void left by Mobil's departure. This bold step gave birth to Asphalt Processors Inc. (API) in 2001.

Since then the company has continued in this vein, stepping out into sometimes unfamiliar territory with resounding success.

Our asphalt is produced under vacuum process conditions to ensure a high quality product, utilizing heavy fuel oil as feedstock. The plant processes 1000 barrels per day, producing a 50:50 ratio of Penetration Bitumen and Heavy Vacuum Gasoil. Other grades of asphalt produced are Cationic Emulsions, Cutbacks and Performance grade Bitumens.

Since our establishment, we have achieved a number of milestones, the first of which was the 100% supply of all local requirements for asphalt products primarily used in the construction and maintenance of roads. This resulted in significant foreign exchange savings for the nation.

Our entry into the export market six months into the operation, has also been one of our marked achievements to date. We made our first tentative steps into Suriname and Jamaica and one year later, forged our way into St. Kitts and St. Vincent, expanding our export sales by almost 200%.

We have had some unique challenges, particularly in shipping large quantities of bitumen abroad, but the commitment and staunch resolve of our staff have been equal to the challenge and we remain keen on staying ahead of the demands.

At API, we focus on consistently providing high quality roads which are likely to last 15-20 years. We are determined, whether here or abroad, to abide by our motto to "build better roads" and to pave a way of success for Barbados.

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