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Established in 1998, Barbadian-owned and operated Asphalt Processors Inc. (API) has evolved into an award-winning asphalt company supplying the key ingredient to developing sustainable local and regional road and highway infrastructure.

As the sole producer of asphalt in Barbados, we specialize in the production of various grades of Penetration Bitumen, high Vacuum Gasoil, asphalt emulsions and cutbacks, and Performance Bitumen – including the world-class Polymer Modified Asphalt (PMA) product, only otherwise available from the USA, Europe, and Canada.

We believe effective road, highway, and infrastructure networks serve as key connectors of people, services, and communities. Our vision is to continue to play a significant role in evolving the primary infrastructure of each Caribbean nation to meet the most up-to-date international asphalting standards, while also making real and valued contributions to the economic and social development of the region at large.

API has been a member of the international Asphalt Institute for 20 years. All API products meet the highest international industry standards for asphalt materials defined by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), and the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO).


Our highly qualified team have decades of industry experience and are committed to setting a significantly improved standard of road construction and maintenance throughout the Caribbean.

Our lab technicians are the only international Asphalt Institute certified technicians in the region.

Errol Lynch

Errol Lynch

Managing Director
Mechanical Engineer
Lincoln Jackman

Lincoln Jackman

Mechanical Engineer
Tiffany Bancroft

Tiffany Bancroft

Lab Technician/ Health & Safety Coordinator
Tamara Lee

Tamara Lee

Lab Technician/ Lab Coordinator


We are driven to provide innovative and future-focused infrastructural solutions.

As an industry leader in world-class asphalt emulsions, API has made significant investments towards specific asphalt testing equipment such as a heater and PG Mill, as well as to support the enhancement of our laboratory capabilities – crucial to the scientific formulation, production, and testing processes involved in API’s unparalleled asphalt products.

We are now the only company in the region fully-equipped to manufacture, supply, and test the internationally-acclaimed PMA product – one of the highest grades of asphalt available on the global market.

API Lab technicians are also currently the only internationally recognized Asphalt Institute certified technicians in the Caribbean.


API believes strong, reliable infrastructure networks are vital connection pathways.

Through continued partnerships and collaborations with decision-makers, our vision is to bring the Caribbean networks of connectivity into alignment with international standards of asphalting.

We are calling for a review of the current specifications for asphalting works which would allow for the stronger and more flexible PMA product to be rolled out to evolve all major national and regional road and highway infrastructure.

We are currently in the process of fully certifying our laboratory to allow us to independently supply the PMA product right across the region and to set a standard of infrastructural excellence for the entire Caribbean.

API envisions the establishment of a state-of-the-art regional Asphalt Training Centre to improve the caliber of education on all facets of asphalting and to train our industry professionals to meet the highest standards.

Our continued evolution will ensure we deliver a superior quality asphalt product which will help not only to improve our foundational infrastructure, but the lives and connectivity of our people across the region and beyond.

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