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Our stringent API testing process adds to the strength and durability of a road or highway network to be able to align with current environmental conditions (particularly in the Caribbean) as well as assimilates the aging process to observe how the product matures under a broad spectrum of external influences.

PMA is rigorously tested under specially certified conditions and at varying temperatures, ensuring elements such as environmental cracking are controlled and that the product can withstand any global climatic condition in accordance with the highest industry standards for asphalt materials.

More specifically, API’s Superpave Laboratory procedures cover the following elements of asphalt testing to produce the finest quality product on the market:

  • Simulation of hardening characteristics;
  • High, low, and intermediate temperature stiffness;
  • Elasticity and failure properties;
  • Fatigue and structural cracking;
  • Permanent deformation and rutting;
  • Thermal cracking; and
  • Overall cohesiveness.
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